Neurocognitive Testing

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Detailed picture of your psychological state
Neurocognitive method - no need to answer questions
How did your condition change over several days, weeks, months? Testing will take only 5 minutes a day, and you will have detailed dynamics on your smartphone
IdeoTracker computes a personal model of brain mechanisms interaction and predicts your psychological state
IdeoTracker will help you monitor your mental state
We have adapted advanced psychophysiological techniques for your phone
Operate on any smartphone
IdeoTracker turns your smartphone into your personal psychophysiologist
Informative Interface
We have developed an interface with comprehensive information on your mental processes
Neurocognitive Test
The application is based on more than 10 years of scientific and practical experience with the military, athletes, international crews and expeditions
Personal Psychological Support anywhere in the World
No questionnaires. Short activity tests only. You get a regular assessment of your psychological state and brain performance, wherever you are
Dynamic Analysis
Regular short tests and a personal log provide effective and accurate self-analysis
Corporate Capabilities
Lead a team, a unit, a subdivision? Are team members on a business trip, in a tournament, working remotely? The IdeoTracker Web service is to monitor the psychological state of each individual and the team as a whole, regardless of location
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