Instrumental Psychological Systems Lab

Instrumental Analysis and Correction of Unconscious Processes


Anxiety. Fear. Uncertainty. Depression. Elation. Optimism. Self Confidence. These states and feelings and often associated with concrete, clear life events. Not less often they appear as if by themselves, for no apparent reason. However, there are always reasons. And they are in the subconscious.

Personality, character and health are determined by mental processes of constant interaction of consciousness and subconsciousness. Learning, upbringing, habits, and moral and ethical norms, our ups and downs are largely determined by the subconscious, making us exactly as we are.

At the same time, the subconscious is also a strict "security service" that protects our consciousness and personality from traumatic information, experiences, or physical suffering. Subconscious psychological protection is so effective that if necessary, it can "turn off" any of the communication channels - the senses, and the person ceases to feel pain or "does not hear" the traumatic sounds. In extreme cases, this protection can turn off the consciousness completely.

Unconscious attitudes invisibly guide our actions, guide our behavior and, ultimately, our life. The work of the subconscious also reflects our emotional experience. Negative experiences, accumulating, create the basis for breakdowns and diseases, neurotic conditions, inadequate self-esteem, psychosomatic disorders, problems with overweight, addictions, etc.

Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, autogenic therapy, meditation heal diseases, develop memory, concentration, intelligence, form physical and psychological skills through work with the subconscious.

Modern technologies and psychophysiological methods of brain activity analysis provide new opportunities for such work.
Instrumental Psychological Systems is a laboratory of complex solutions in neurosciences, psychology and information technologies.

The lab develops modern tools for practicing psychologists, trainers, marketers and individuals.

Our specialization is software and hardware based on original psychophysiological methods for analyzing brain mechanisms.
on knowledge about the role of different brain structures in unconscious mental processes

deep psychological mechanisms:
psychological defense,
intra-personal conflicts, etc.

psychophysiological indicators of unconscious mental processes:
EEG, Associated Ideomotor Response etc.

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